The low Transmission relating inputs were required to the violet connector.

The low Transmission relating inputs were required to the violet connector.


If you require a “scan indication mild” or even more also known as a motor lamp for your own relaying.

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The 0411 PCM uses a crushed to C2 Pin 46. This is bound to the ground part of a tiny bulb to alert you the 0411 PCM keeps a laws with it for a problem with sign feature.

0411 PCM lessons 2 Data interactions (Data line to OBD2 connector PIN 2)

C1 Blue Connector Pin 58

0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Position Sensor” Input for EFI equipped vehicles. (This is wired to the SIGNAL wire coming out of the TPS sensor.) For maybe EFI equipped vehicles tap into the SIGNAL ONLY.

C2 Red Connector Pin 24

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft placement Sensor” enter for EFI set motors. (this is certainly bound towards SIGNAL circuit appearing out of the CKP detector.) For EFI complete autos exploit the INDICATE JUST.

C1 Violet Connector Pin 12


0411 PCM TPS “Throttle State Sensor”

C2 Red Connector Pin 24 to Signal line taken from TPS detector

C1 violet Connector Pin 46 to 5VDC electricity line for TPS detector

C1 violet Connector Pin 46 to floor line for TPS Sensor

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft Placement Sensor”

C1 azure Connector Pin 12 to indication line coming from CKP detector

C1 azure Connector Pin 2 to energize cable for CKP Sensor

C1 Blue Connector Pin 21 to crushed cable for CKP Sensor

0411 PCM Brake Turn Insight. This is often wired/relay’d toward the beneficial wire via your own brake extremity move to the braking system bulbs. This needs relayed to be hired precisely. C1 orange Connector Pin 33 wants 12vdc trick on energy and soon you push from the braking system pedal, which in turn it requires no electricity or soil placed on that laptop pin to let the personal computer understand will have to discharge the torque ripping tools clutch. A bosch Filipino dating single-pole double throw exchange would work an excellent option for this. Floor 85, Wire pin 86 towards your 12vdc from your own brake change to your own brake mild line. Put on key on 12vdc capability to pin 30, after that wire C1 Blue Connector Pin 33 to 87a. Boom! Their torque converter clutch should launch at this point using brakes used.

The relaying relevant Inputs/Outputs had to the 0411 PCM:

0411 PCM transmitting insight Shaft pace Sensor (This is sensor right behind the bell-housing of this indication. The Input/Output shot travel receptors from the 4L80E transmitting may not be polarity fragile, and merely basically wanted wired to your PCM)

The 0411 PCM WILL BE NEEDING A TUNE/FLASH FOR THIS TO WORK RIGHT. If you decide to run it simply as well as from a junkyard, It will probably A: enter into anti-theft method because VATS continues to be permitted, B: enter sign lifeless function and C: possibly not just work on all-depending just what product we taken your pc from.

Over at my design, I got a PCM melody data from a 01 GMC 1500 with a 4.8L and a 4L60e in the controls component. I had to discover another melody file using the same OS (operating-system) my own 0411 PCM keeps that have a 4L80e sign actually so I could segment swap the transmission and transmitting diagnostics sectors to my own track document. IF YOU GET A PCM AFTER A VEHICLE DESIGNED WITH A 4L60E PLANT THE RUNNING IT in A 4L80E otherwise VICE VERSA YOUR PORTION SWAP IS DESIRABLE THE SIGN TO OPERATE! “consult me personally the way I know”.

All motor relevant DTC’s is off EXCEPT for the TPS and CKP DTC’s amount P0121, P0122, P0123, P0335 & P0336.

Set all transmitting appropriate DTC’s beneath motor Diagnostics>DTC’s fired up which can be manufacturing facility turned on with a PCM thats furnished with a 4L80E BUT P0705 & P0706, both of these programs is deterred if you aren’t using the Neutral protection alter. Making the remainder indication DTC’s on enable the 0411 PCM to make on the MIL light or shop a MIL signal when there is a issue making use of indication and this will permit the PCM to go into sign Limp method.

Under System>General, alter the PRNDL supplied to none.

DELETE any TORQUE MANAGING AND IMMOBILIZE PUNISHMENT METHODS IN SYSTEM AND TRANSMITTING TABS Should this be not just complete the transmission will never change correctly.

Under Trans>Auto Shift Properties>General> Perf Option, identify No Change. It is the tow cart alter, which was connected into the BCM (Entire Body Control section) and signalled along the classroom 2 Data community to make in the feature through the PCM. I currently have definitely not determine a work around to manage to employ this function. If I do find a way, i am going to upgrade this wiki web page.

Those include necessary setup which need transformed around to ensure the 0411 PCM to function as a stand alone sign control and in actual fact reposition the 4L80E sign properly. The previous of this options could be dependent up on your certain create. These options tends to be:

Your TPS enter at idle is located at 25% during the 0411 PCM. This isnt a large problem since you can function around they in switch performance tables. I do believe I need to also touch the TPS detector surface from 0411 PCM to my MegaSquirt 2’s TPS crushed, that we feel will fix-it. I am going to upgrade this wiki the moment this are diagnosed and corrected.

MODIFY 9/26/16 – I found the TPS matter. The in fact working as their designed to. I’m not starting a IAC device and modified simple throttle human body for a adjustable idle screw. Anyway the thottle cutters comprise actually unwrapped between 20-23percent for system to idle, better it absolutely was caused by carbon build up on throttle system. I cleaned out off the carbon and this percent fell to around 13-15percent for the same RPM idle. So its functioning correctly.

Underneath is definitely my personal R&D and proof idea training video playlist on Youtube:

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